New: The Yocto-Maxi-Knob

By martinm, in New stuff, may 28,2021.

If you want to build a USB control panel, you can probably find all the electronics that you need in the Yoctopuce product range. For example, the Yocto-Knob for buttons and potentiometers, the Yocto-PWM-Rx for quadrature decoders, the Yocto-Color-V2 for light signaling, and the Yocto-Buzzer for sound signaling. However, it was pointed out to us that as soon as you want to build a somewhat substantial control panel, that's a lot of USB modules to install in the same enclosure...

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Preview of the new C#, Python and VB .NET libraries

By seb, in New stuff and Programming, may 21,2021.

After having announced two weeks ago the preview of version 2.0 of the C++ library, here are version 2.0 of the C#, Python, and Visual Basic .NET libraries. They are also available as previews.

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Interfacing the DFRobot ID01 UHF RFID reader

By mvuilleu, in Programming and Reviews, may 14,2021.

At the present time, we don't have an RFID reader in our catalogue because to this date we haven't found an RFID module to be embedded which is compatible with our quality requirements and our price range. But from time to time, we try products that we find on the market to see what they are worth, and whether they can be used with Yoctopuce modules. This is what we did this week with the ID01 UHF RFID reader, sold by DFRobot.

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RGB led: Adding WS2811 support

By martinm, in New stuff, may 07,2021.

Several customers asked us in quick succession whether the Yocto-Color-V2 was compatible with RGB WS2811 leds. In theory, the answer should be no, but as we like to please, we made the necessary modifications so that it now works.

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Preview of the new 2.0 C++ library

By seb, in Programming, april 30,2021.

A few months ago, we presented the beta version of the VirtualHub 2.0 with SSL/TLS support. This week, we present version 2.0 of the C++ library which adds the same feature: SSL/TLS support. As with the VirtualHub 2.0, this new version is available in Beta/preview.

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