Installing the C++ library with CMake

By seb january 07,2022.

This week, we are going to show you how to compile our C++ programming library under Linux and to install it as a system library. This installation is very simple thanks to cmake.

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A canary to detect network intruders

By mvuilleu, in Misc, december 31,2021.

Every now and then, security experts discover new vulnerabilities that affect the security of many computer systems. The month of December 2021 was the occasion of a good example, with the flaw in the log4j library which allows the remote execution of arbitrary code on vulnerable systems. Noting that it seems impossible to definitively guard against this type of problem, we wondered whether the Yoctopuce modules could help detect intrusions before it is too late...

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Driving a motorized potentiometer

By martinm, in DIY and Programming, december 23,2021.

When designing our audio output switch, we thought about using a motorized potentiometer for the volume. The idea was quickly dismissed because this would have added bulkiness and complexity into a project that we wanted simple and compact. However, the question remains: can we use a motorized potentiometer with Yoctopuce modules? We tried it and the answer is yes, although it's quite tricky to do.

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Registering an object method as callback

By seb december 18,2021.

This week, we are going to talk about programming. Support has recently received an interesting question: "how can you register an object method as an arrival callback". Our API documentation talks only about callback functions but, as we are going to see, most programming languages allow you to register object methods.

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Using Electron in TypeScript, the way we like it

By mvuilleu, in Programming, december 10,2021.

People like the TypeScript language as much to create web interfaces as to write Node.js software which work as a service, with complete access to the machine resources. You can also write traditional applications in TypeScript, that is applications which combine a graphical interface and access to all the resources of the machine, for example to access a database or files. We are going to explore this scenario and see how to access Yoctopuce modules in such a scenario.

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