Creating crystals

By martinm, in DIY, may 22,2015.

One of us recently bought one of these scientific kits for children. Yes, at Yoctopuce, we still are big kids :-) The idea was to grow crystals, but frankly the result wasn't very convincing. We ended up with a pile of ridiculously small crystals at the bottom of a plastic cup. Nothing like what was promised on the box. We wondered if we could better the concept with some Yoctopuce modules. Let's see if we can do as well as Walter White...

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RS232, mysterious protocol, and reverse engineering

By martinm, in Misc, may 15,2015.

We recently bought a magnetic hotplate stirrer that you can remotely drive thanks to an RS232 port. Unfortunately, the manufacturer seems to have forgotten to document the communication protocol. It was already too late when we noticed this. Not to worry, it's the ideal opportunity to show you how to work around this issue with a Yocto-RS232 .

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Yoctopuce and Android Studio

By seb, in Android, may 06,2015.

We published this week our Android library on the jcenter library repository. We take this opportunity to write a short tutorial on how to add our library to an Android Studio project.

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How to calibrate a CO2 sensor?

By mvuilleu, in Measures and Misc, may 01,2015.

CO2 sensors are increasingly popular to monitor air quality at home and in business premises. So much so that we tend to forget that the measures are based on rather advanced technologies, requiring some precautions if we want to make sure that we obtain valid measures. So, do we need to calibrate a CO2 sensor and, if we do, how should we do it?

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Which altimeter to use ?

By seb, in Measures, april 24,2015.

We have two modules that can compute the altitude: the Yocto-GPS and the Yocto-Altimeter. These two modules determine the altitude with two radically different methods. Lets have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of both.

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