New product: the Yocto-PT100

By mvuilleu, in New stuff, october 04,2013.

You asked for it, here it is! A new USB temperature sensor is expanding our range: the Yocto-PT100. It's the ultimate temperature sensor for the most advanced needs. With a sensitivity of 0,01°C, nothing can escape its notice. The absolute measure accuracy follows the 1/10 DIN B standard, that is 0,03°C + 0,05%. Hard to beat...

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Switching a relay via an SMS

By Sébastien Rinsoz, in Programming and Android, september 24,2013.

We have been recently asked whether we had a solution to communicate with our modules using SMS. We have a long term plan for a GSM version of our YoctoHub, but for now we focus on the YoctoHub-Wifi and other new modules. However, using an Android phone and with some programming, it is quite possible to communicate with a Yoctopuce module via SMS. A classic use is to remotely turn on and off the heating of your vacation home.

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New product: The Yocto-Maxi-IO

By mvuilleu, in New stuff, september 19,2013.

Until now, we did not have much to offer to interface a PC with an external system using digital I/O lines. This gap is now filled by the new Yocto-Maxi-IO, that we will present today. Unlike a simple GPIO, the Yocto-Maxi-IO is an isolated interface, that can be used to safely connect without additional electronics up to 8 bidirectional digital lines, at the voltage of your choice.

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How to measure a NTC thermistor via USB

By mvuilleu, in Measures, september 15,2013.

Yoctopuce provide three different methods to measure temperature, but there are even more techniques. Thermistors are another option: they are a family of electrical conductors whose resistance varies in a deterministic way based on their temperature, and that can therefore be used to measure temperature. So can we get anything out of them, for instance using a Yocto-Knob?

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How to use USB devices from Qt framework

By Sébastien Rinsoz, in Programming, september 06,2013.

A customer noticed a few days ago that our C++ library was not compiling under Qt / MinGW under Windows (although OSX and Linux were OK). We have published a fix on GitHub, but we realized that we never talked about Qt on our site. Never too late... Qt is a cross-platform graphical programming framework, that can build binaries for multiple OS. We will demonstrate that with a small program that opens a window to list connected Yoctopuce modules. Thanks to the Qt framework, the exact same project will be usable for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

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