Detecting and filming the passage of a bike

By seb, in DIY, september 14,2018.

When you jump with a mountain bike and you want to improve, it's convenient to film yourself so as notice your own errors. If there are several people, it's easy to give your smart phone to a friend and ask him to film you. But when you are alone, you must trigger the camera, climb back on your bike, jump, and then stop the camera. It's tedious, and you then have long minutes on video that you need to cut. This week, we are going to automate all this with our DIY project.

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Yocto-Visualization V2 for macOS

By mvuilleu, in New stuff and Measures, september 09,2018.

As Yocto-Visualization is now available on Linux, we thought that we should make an effort for users fighting to maintain a Mac OS X macOS ecosystem. And thanks to the good work made by Mono's developers, it's now possible!

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Yocto-Visualization and Windows XP

By martinm, in Measures, august 31,2018.

As some of you have already noticed it, version 2 of our Yocto-Visualization application doesn't run under Windows XP. Actually, it uses the .NET 4.5 framework which you can't install on Windows XP. This week, we show you how to work around this issue.

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The basics of the Yocto-Color-V2

By seb august 24,2018.

We recently noticed that our libraries didn't include an example using the Yocto-Color-V2. On top of adding this missing example in all of our libraries, we decided to write a post illustrating the new function which was added to the Yocto-Color-V2.

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Optimizing communications with Yoctopuce devices

By mvuilleu, in Programming, august 17,2018.

Experienced users of Yoctopuce modules will sooner or later wonder how much data needs to be transferred to retrieve the measures from Yoctopuce sensors. It can be the case to optimize GSM consumption, as it we discussed in a previous post, but also simply to improve the performances of an application where the modules are connected by USB but where the measures must be read very quickly. So here is a detailed explanation to know everything and optimize everything...

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