Labelling component boxes

By mvuilleu, in Misc, september 09,2022.

With the current supply difficulties, it is crucial to have a rigorous inventory management. We already showed you two tools based on Yoctopuce modules that we implemented, which take advantage of the DataMatrix 2D code labels found on most electronic component reels. Today, we are going to see how to manage items which do not have such a label.

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Managing power outages

By martinm, in Programming, september 02,2022.

Here in Switzerland, there is a risk of energy shortages during next Winter, and we can't exclude having scheduled or unscheduled power outages. We took this opportunity to build a small device to help up manage the consequences of potential power outages.

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Graphing Yocto-Watt measures with Yocto-Visualization

By seb, in Measures, august 27,2022.

At Yoctopuce, we like to travel by electric bike and we have decided to measure the charge of an electric bike battery with a Yocto-Watt and the Yocto-Visualization application. This doesn't require any programming, but a rather good knowledge of Yocto-Visualization to obtain a readable and pretty graph. We thought that monitoring the electrical consumption of a device could interest other people. Here is what we did.

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Controlled watering system

By Tiago, in Measures, august 20,2022.

At Yoctopuce, we like raspberries. So we thought that we would have our own local production, with an automatic watering system controlled by our modules. To do so, we retrieved a raspberry bush from the garden and we planted it in a pot with sensors to monitor its health. The aim is to adjust the water dispensing based on the humidity of the soil. Unfortunately, it's too late in the season to have raspberries this Summer, but we are still going to tell you about the modules used to maintain the raspberry bush alive.

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The secrets of the Yocto-(Maxi)Knob

By mvuilleu, in Electronics, august 12,2022.

Reading a potentiometer, push button or other resistive sensor via USB is a priori not very complicated. By the way, the Yocto-Knob is one of the very first modules we put for sale more than ten years ago. However, depending on the applications, the needs are not always the same. Therefore, over time we added new settings in order to refine the measures. Let's see this in details...

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