Improvement of the YoctoHub web interface

By seb april 05,2019.

This week, we publish a new firmware for all the YoctoHubs, a new VirtualHub, as well as a new GatewayHub. The modifications mainly concern the web interface and their aim is to improve the ease of use of our modules through the GatewayHub and the configuration of the YoctoHubs. Let's have a look at the new features.

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Accuracy improvement for some devices

By mvuilleu, in New stuff and Measures, march 29,2019.

We recently took some time to study whether it was possible to improve the accuracy of some of our analog sensors with simple software changes. In particular, we suspected that it was possible to improve the sampling strategy to reduce the noise margin on some measures. Good news: it works and a simple firmware update on some modules is sufficient to make them really more accurate on some measures :-)

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New! The Yocto-Temperature-IR

By martinm, in New stuff and Measures, march 22,2019.

It was pointed out to us that we didn't have an infrared temperature sensor in our module range. Not to worry, this week we present our brand new Yocto-Temperature-IR. Follow the guide.

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C#, .NET Core, and NuGet

By seb march 15,2019.

This week, we publish a new version of our C# library with some interesting new features: the library is now available through the NuGet package manager, we support .NET Core 2, and finally we managed to get rid of the dllmap entries that we needed to add when using our library with Mono.

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New: the Yocto-VOC-V3

By mvuilleu, in New stuff and Measures, march 08,2019.

Here is again a product enhancement news, this time about our volatile organic compound (VOC) sensor. From now on, the Yocto-VOC-V3 replaces the Yocto-VOC-V2. As usual, neither the form factor, nor the sensor position, nor the software API changes from one version to the other. And for once, the newer version is even a bit cheaper than the old one...

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