What is the consumption of my workbench?

By Thibaut, in DIY and Measures, november 16,2018.

Electric consumption has been at the heart of the news in recent years. Being great fans of graphs and measurements, we propose a small system allowing you to follow in real time the electric consumption of a workbench. As I am new here at Yoctopuce, I was appointed guinea pig to do it my own way, while discovering Yoctopuce modules at the same time.

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How to handle a serial protocol automatically

By mvuilleu, in Misc, november 09,2018.

Yoctopuce serial communication modules are more than simple interfaces: they are able to query and analyze autonomously the data coming from any device to then present the results in the way of a Yoctopuce sensor and/or record them in the embedded data logger. But in order to do so, you must tell the Yoctopuce module how to manage the dialog with the device. So here are a few examples as a complement to the documentation, to make this task easier.

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Is the Yocto-Meteo-V2 waterproof?

By martinm, in Electronics, november 02,2018.

Courtesy of Hans BraxmeierWhen presenting the new Yocto-Meteo-V2, we briefly mentioned that the sensors used in this module are waterproof (IP67 for the SHT35 and IPx8 for the ICP-10100). As we, at Yoctopuce, like to play, we wondered what would happen in we tried to make a Yocto-Meteo-V2 work under water.

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Installing the PHP library with "Composer"

By seb, in Programming, october 26,2018.

A few weeks ago, a customer suggested that we modify our PHP library so that it would be easier to use with the Composer dependency manager. We decided to implement these changes and we published our PHP library on Composer's official repository: packagist. Therefore, we are going to show you how to use our library with Composer.

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New: The Yocto-Meteo-V2

By mvuilleu, in New stuff and Measures, october 19,2018.

This week comes with a major refresh for one of our flagship products. We have been selling the Yocto-Meteo for almost 7 years, and the quality of the sensors embedded on this device has made its success. Now comes the time when the key sensor is getting replaced by the manufacturer by an even more accurate version. So it is time to update our product as well...

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