(Physically) switching the audio outputs of a computer

By martinm, in DIY, december 03,2021.

If you use your Windows computer to listen to music while you are working and if, depending on the circumstances, you listen to this music with a Bluetooth headset or external speakers, you might have noticed that switching from one mode to the other is somewhat tedious. One must possibly unlock the screen saver, then open the sound interface and select the output device in a drop-down list. Why not build a physical interface which would be easier to use?

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Updating the Yocto-Toolbox app (1.0.23)

By seb, in Android, november 30,2021.

We carry on with our series of posts on the Yocto-Toolbox Android application. This week, we added firmware update and the consultation of module logs.

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GSM power usage for sensor monitoring

By mvuilleu, in Measures, Electronics and Internet of Things, november 20,2021.

When you must design a system that sends back measures through a GSM connection, there are two physical quantities that you want to estimate: que quantity of transferred data and the power consumption. We already had the opportunity to provide orders of magnitude for data consumption in a previous post, but we are going to see today how much power is needed to send back data periodically through a 3G or 4G GSM connection.

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Delphi, Free Pascal, and Lazarus

By martinm, in Programming, november 12,2021.

The Delphi API is among the first Yoctopuce libraries that we published. A few years later, someone asked us to make it also compatible with Lazarus, which we did gladly, but without advertising it. Recently, we were asked if we couldn't make it so that the library works with the Linux version of Lazarus as well.

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Recovering from an error during a firmware update

By seb, in Misc, november 08,2021.

We do everything we can so that the firmware updates of Yoctopuce modules work smoothly and without any hitch. However, it may happen that some external event, such as a power failure or a communication loss, prevents the process to end properly. We are going to see how to reset the module into a working state and restore its configuration parameters when the update process was interrupted.

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