A gateway to forward YoctoHub callbacks

By mvuilleu, in New stuff, february 20,2018.

A few months ago we announced a new open-source tool called Gateway Hub, to help you deal with interactive remote access to YoctoHubs behind a NAT firewall. This free tool is now becoming even more useful, with the addition of support for forwarding HTTP, MQTT and WebSocket callbacks to third-party services.

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How to start in C++ with Yoctopuce modules

By seb, in For the beginners, february 09,2018.

This week, we continue our "for the beginners" series and we are writing about C++. C++ is not an easy language to handle, and even less so for someone who has never coded. But the language is still relevant when you use machines with a limited disk space. Therefore, we are going to see how to implement you first small program using our C++ library.

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New: Yocto-Bridge and Yocto-MaxiBridge

By martinm, in Measures and New stuff, february 02,2018.

This week, we are proud to present two new Yoctopuce modules on which we have been working for a long time: the Yocto-Bridge and the Yocto-MaxiBridge. They enable you to easily interface Wheatstone bridges... that is, you can build you own USB scale or weighing machine. Let's see what it's all about.

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A connected racing gate for mini-quadcopters

By mvuilleu, in DIY and Internet of Things, january 26,2018.

We have recently found remote-controlled micro-quadcopters, so light that you can use them inside without risk, even in an office environment. Some models are even equipped with a camera, allowing you to fly in FPV (First Person View). If you like learning new things, it's ideal to lighten the rainy days that we have been having early this year.

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How to get started in Java with Yoctopuce modules

By seb, in For the beginners, january 19,2018.

This week, we continue with our "for the beginners" post series and we are going to talk about Java. As for previous introductions to different programming languages, we are going to implement a small application in Java FX which displays the value of a Yoctopuce temperature sensor.

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