Accelerometers and gyroscopes: fantasy vs. reality

By mvuilleu, in Measures, september 30,2016.

The widespread use of game controllers and augmented reality tools based on accelerometers and gyroscopes raises many ideas for applications. However, some of these applications are more a fantasy than a reality, as enthusiasm sometimes makes us forget some basic physical principles. So, here is a little reminder to help you avoid cruel deceptions...

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Creating a connected night light

By seb, in DIY and Internet of Things, september 21,2016.

IKEA makes pretty ghost-shaped night lights, but the power cable of these "SPÍKA" is very thin. One children has torn this cable and called Yoctopuce for help. At first, we thought that we would simply fix the power cable but, in the end, we decided to improve this night light by transforming it into a "connected night light" with a Yocto-Color-V2 and a YoctoHub-Wireless-SR.

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The YoctoHubs

By martinm, in For the beginners, september 16,2016.

From the start, sensors and actuators produced by Yoctopuce are USB devices. But you can enhance them with network connectivity very easily thanks to the YoctoHubs. As part of our "Yoctopuce for beginners" series, we are going to have a look at these YoctoHubs and discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

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Monitoring electric consumption over GSM

By mvuilleu, in Measures and Internet of Things, september 09,2016.

A few years ago, we explained why the Yocto-Watt is limited to 16A and we gave you some clues on how to measure high currents. But, at that time, we didn't have a simple solution to offer for the most current application: measuring and transmitting the main consumption parameters of a power distribution panel. This gap is today filled and we offer you a detailed solution, easy to implement, based on commercial components.

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How to correctly use a Yocto-3D-V2 in Unity

By seb, in Programming, september 02,2016.

From time to time, some customers complain that the Yocto-3D-V2 lacks reactivity. But each time, it's due to a misunderstanding of our API. Indeed, to use the Yocto-3D-V2 efficiently, you must imperatively use callbacks. To illustrate this issue in an entertaining way, we have decided to show you how to correctly use a Yocto-3D-V2 in a Unity 5 game engine.

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