Connecting your Yoctopuce modules

By martinm, in For the beginners, april 01,2016.

This week, in our "Yoctopuce for beginners" series, we are going to talk about connectors. Yoctopuce products are obviously all based on USB, but there are actually many ways to interconnect them, and it's far from being a trivial issue.

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Modifying a barbecue to monitor the cooking of a roast

By seb, in DIY and Internet of Things, march 23,2016.

In the past weeks, we wrote many theoretical posts on serious topics, so this week, we wrote something more entertaining. We modified a barbecue to monitor the cooking of a spit roast. We also took this opportunity to use our new module: the YoctoHub-GSM-2G.

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Introduction to Yoctopuce modules

By mvuilleu, in For the beginners, march 18,2016.

We noticed that the topics of our latest posts were step by step getting more and more specialized. To avoid scaring new users away, we thought that it was time to go back to the basics and to gather in a few post the basic principles underlying the use of our modules. So, here is the first post of the series, which could have been namedYoctopuce for Dummies if it did not infringe on a well defended trademark.

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About transfer rates in the Internet of Things

By mvuilleu, in Internet of Things and Misc, march 14,2016.

Nowadays, when the media write about the Internet of Things, nobody worries about transfer speed issues. We assume that networks are fast enough to consign this issue to the past. But is it really the case? Not so sure...

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Retrieving recorded measures over the Internet

By seb, in Programming, march 04,2016.

There is a data logger in almost all of our sensors. This data logger can automatically record values measured by the sensor. The advantage is that it continues to record data even network connectivity is lost or when the application stops. When the application takes control again, it is possible to get back the measures performed during the interval. But up till now, it was unfortunately impossible to retrieve data logger measure using the HTTP callback mode. Thanks to the new WebSocket callback mode, you can now use the data logger over an Internet link without limits. This week, we are writing a Java web application which illustrates this feature.

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