Using the Yoctopuce library with Swift 5

By seb september 05,2020.

Five years ago, we wrote a post explaining how to use our library into a Swift project. Unfortunately, during these five years, Apple has made changes to this programming language and what was true at the time is not necessarily so anymore. Therefore, it's time to update this post.

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Evolution of the YoctoHub-GSM

By mvuilleu, in Internet of Things and New stuff, august 28,2020.

For several years, we have been offering different YoctoHubs to connect Yoctopuce sensors directly to the network, without using a computer. But as you may have noticed, on this product range, we don't throw ourselves headlong into cutting-edge technologies, especially when standards are split: LoRa, Sigfox, LTE-M, NB-IoT, 5G... With the multiplication of networks aimed at the IoT, we had to wait for the landscape to become clearer, because we couldn't do it all and we had to choose the solution which would best suit our customers. But there it is, we finally made our choice, and it's almost ready.

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RD6006: adding a wired network connection

By martinm, in DIY, august 21,2020.

For one of our experiments, we needed a laboratory power supply, that we could easily move around and that we could drive remotely through a wired network connection. At Yoctopuce, hardware-wise, we tend to bet on the best known manufacturers, but this time we decided to give the RD6006 a chance...

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Using Yoctopuce sensors with Modbus TCP

By seb august 14,2020.

Customers regularly ask us if YoctoHubs support the Modbus TCP protocol. The answer is negative, because the CPU of the YoctoHubs is too small to add the code of the Modbus TCP server in it. The solution that we recommend is to write a small Modbus TCP server in Python with the pymodbus library and to use our library to communicate with the Yoctopuce modules. This is exactly what we did this week.

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Measuring time-encoded signals

By mvuilleu, in Measures, august 07,2020.

While we were making improvements to the Yocto-PWM-Rx for our previous post, we noticed that this device has considerably changed since its conception in order to cover more use cases than the once planned initially. To help you navigate into all these possibilities, we summarize in this post the different working modes.

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