Yoctopuce and the Mono framework

By martinm, in Programming, august 23,2013.

Some time ago, someone asked us if we had planned a Yoctopuce library for the Mono framework. We didn't have such plans, however we promised to have a look at it. Let's do that together, shall we ?

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A standalone RSS reader

By Sébastien Rinsoz, in Internet of Things, august 16,2013.

Until a few weeks ago, our Yocto-Display required to be connected by USB to a computer in order to update the screen. Now that the YoctoHub-Ethernet has been released, we can free ourselves from this limitation. Here is how to display the content of an RSS feed on a Yocto-MaxiDisplay connected to a YoctoHub-Ethernet, using the PHP API in HTTP Callback mode.

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How to add robustness to cheap headless computers

By mvuilleu, in New stuff and Tiny PC, august 08,2013.

With the advent of cheap tiny computers based on ARM processors, there are many new opportunities for inexpensive home and industrial automation. But there is a hiccup. Those cheap tiny PC often show reliability problems, to the point of being unusable for fully headless operation. Today, we are presenting a product that brings a solution to this problem: the Yocto-WatchdogDC.

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The YoctoHub-Ethernet is available

By martinm, in New stuff, august 01,2013.

Believe it or not, the YoctoHub-Ethernet is available on our on-line shop (yes!). Given the number of mails we have received about it, we assume many people are waiting for it. So let's go for a quick product tour!

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How to scroll text horizontally

By mvuilleu, in Programming, july 26,2013.

Someone has asked us this week how to scroll a text horizontally on a Yocto-MiniDisplay or a Yocto-Display, to catch attention or just in case the text is wider than the display. As the answer may be of interest to many, here is the answer with a few variants...

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