Adding the C++ library to your IDE in 2021

By seb, in Programming, september 03,2021.

This week, we update a post dating from 2013: "Include the C++ library into your project". Since 2013 XCode and Visual Studio have evolved and new IDEs are present. So, here is how to include our C++ library in the main IDEs in 2021.

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Resisting shortage

By mvuilleu, in Misc, august 27,2021.

You have certainly heard of the shortage of electronic components which causes serious issues for the automotive industry. This industry is not the only one impacted, all the manufacturers feel its effects, even small actors like ourselves. But what is it, exactly?

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About Yoctopuce customized modules

By martinm, in Misc, august 20,2021.

On top of its standard products, Yoctopuce proposes to manufacture customized variants to address specific needs from customers. We discussed this in a general way some years ago, but over time we noticed that the initial discussion with a customer interested by a customized version was always the same. So we offer you this week some thoughts on the ins and outs of a customized Yoctopuce module.

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Network detection with cmdline

By seb august 13,2021.

We, the Yoctopuce developers, think that it's by regularly using our own products that we improve their quality. It's also in this way that we discover when there are missing features. And this is how we discovered the other day that there was no way to list all the YoctoHubs present on the local network from the command line.

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Supply voltage: critical or not?

By mvuilleu, in Electronics, august 08,2021.

You should normally power Yoctopuce modules with a voltage between 4.75V and 5.25V, which is the standard operating range for USB devices. But what happens when you go beyond these limits, even temporarily and without meaning to? What are the cases that can cause lasting damage? This is what we will explain to you...

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