Use TLS/SSL with our Android library

By seb, in Android, july 25,2022.

Some time ago we added SSL/TLS support to our Android library. This feature allows you to use a secure communication channel between the library and the VirtualHub v2.0 (still in BETA) or the GatewayHub. Using this new feature is quite simple, but requires some tricks if you are using a Self-signed certificate on the VirtualHub.

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How to retrieve Yoctopuce API logs in LabVIEW

By martinm, in Programming, july 15,2022.

While we were talking with a customer who had some trouble with the LabVIEW library, we thought that it would be nice to have the logs of the Yoctopuce API to understand what happens. It so happens that the LabVIEW library already has a primitive able to do so, but it's not necessarily easy to use. So this week, we show you how to do it.

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Updating the Yocto-Toolbox app (1.0.27)

By seb, in Android, july 09,2022.

This week, we add a feature to our Yocto-Toolbox Android App. You can now configure the HTTP callbacks.

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A USB full-color scrolling LED display

By mvuilleu, in DIY, july 01,2022.

While working on our radar last week, we realized that it was a bit unfortunate that two Yocto-Color-V2 were required to drive a 32x8 LED display. Even more so, that we had just developped a custom device for a customer, capable of driving 512 RGB LEDs. Therefore, we decided to improve the situation by expanding the capability of the Yocto-Color-V2.

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A radar for remote-controlled cars

By martinm june 24,2022.

After Yoctopuce moved into larger premises, it didn't take long for old demons to wake up in some of us. There was a time when, for some members of the team, driving like crazy with remote control cars equipped with cameras was a great way to take a break from work. It's also a very good excuse to test the RFbeam microWave GmbH K-LD7 radar :-)

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