Why do browsers block VirtualHub v2?

By seb, in Programming and Misc, march 29,2024.

We've received a few messages from customers who were surprised the first time they used VirtualHub v2 (still in beta). Indeed, the first time you connect to the VirtualHub v2 web interface, the browser blocks the page and displays a big warning about an invalid certificate. But don't panic! It's nothing serious. We'll explain everything.

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Measuring high concentrations of CO2

By martinm, in Measures and Programming, march 15,2024.

The Yocto-CO2-V2 can measure concentrations up to 40000ppm or 4%, but we're sometimes asked if there isn't a model capable of measuring higher concentrations. The answer is no, but on the other hand, it's easy enough to use Yoctopuce modules to interface other CO2 sensors, such as the K33 ICB-F from Senseair, which can measure CO2 concentrations of up to 10%.

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Compiling the C++ v2.0 library

By seb, in Programming, march 10,2024.

A few weeks ago, we released a new version of our C++ library. The main new feature is SSL/TLS encryption for communications. This new feature changes the way to compile our C++ library with your project. Let's take a look at what's new.

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Updating the C++, C#, VB and Python libraries

By seb, in Programming, february 17,2024.

At the beginning of the year, we set out our road map for the software and libraries we offer. This week, we published the first batch of libraries officially upgraded to v2.0. These are the C++, C#,, and Python libraries.

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Interfacing the LCD1602-RGB display, bonus

By martinm, in Programming, february 02,2024.

Having successfully operated WaveShare's LCD1602-RGB display with a Yocto-I2C, we wondered if we could use the Yocto-I2C's built-in job system to read values from an I2C sensor and display them directly on the display without the intervention of a USB host. In theory, it's feasible; in practice, it's rather complicated, but interesting.

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