A WordPress plugin for Yoctopuce sensors

By mvuilleu, in Measures, Internet of Things and Programming, november 06,2015.

We designed the Yoctopuce sensors so that you can easily integrate them in all kinds of computer systems: connecting them to a computer, to an Android phone, or even to a web server. On this latter point, we have so far discussed web integration examples destined to seasoned programmers, working directly in PHP or in Java. Today, we discuss a solution which is simpler to implement for web developers using the WordPress platform.

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A $9 CPU to use our modules

By seb, in Tiny PC, october 30,2015.

As you might have guessed, at Yoctopuce we like to try out new computer and electronic gadgets, and especially so when it's possible to use them with our modules. A few months ago, Kickstarter financed a $9 "computer": C.H.I.P. We backed this project enthusiastically, and last week we received the Alpha version of this mini-PC.

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A USB food dispenser

By martinm, in DIY, october 23,2015.

Not long ago, someone asked us whether it was possible to automate a dry food dispenser with Yoctopuce modules, the idea being to transform it into a food dispenser for a pet. The answer is obviously yes. There are even several solutions. There is one in particular which is based on a smart use of a Yocto-LatchedRelay which we wanted to show you for a while...

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Decoding quadrature signals

By mvuilleu, in Measures and New stuff, october 16,2015.

The Yocto-PWM-Rx is a sensor with two inputs designed to measure electrical pulse trains. Up to now, we measured the signal on each input for itself, independently from the other input. Now, on top of this, you can analyze the two inputs as a pair of quadrature encoded signals.

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Java and native access to USB ports

By seb, in Programming, october 09,2015.

This week, we publish a new version of the Java library. This new version comes with a new feature: native USB access. From now on, you can access the USB ports without running the VirtualHub.

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