Splash photography

By martinm, in DIY and Programming, july 03,2015.

In the latest issue of Make, we found a nice article by Thomas Burg and Johannes Gottwald about splash photography. The principle behind this technique, often used for commercials, is to take a picture of an object while it dips into a liquid. This can produces stunning pictures. Of course, after reading that, we were eager to give it a try...

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Driving a Roomba with a smart watch

By seb, in Internet of Things, Programming and Android, june 28,2015.

For many, the 2015 innovation in the smart watch world is the Apple Watch. However, another smart watch was talked about: the Pebble Time. This was caused in particular to the unprecedented success of its Kickstarter campaign. The new version just arrived to Yoctopuce, and to celebrate this, we wrote an application enabling you to drive a Roomba from your watch.

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Tracking time in the Internet of Things

By mvuilleu, in Measures and Internet of Things, june 21,2015.

In an computer system, measure and event timestamps are considered an evidence and, nowadays, no one expects to encounter difficulties in this domain. However, knowing the exact time at any time is far from obvious, in particular if you work with autonomous sensors with limited resources.

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Using Emoncms on a private server

By seb, in Measures, june 10,2015.

A few months ago, we explained how to configure a YoctoHub or a VirtualHub to automatically post sensor values on Emoncms is a web site which allows you to store measures in the cloud and to display them prettily. There are numerous sites which offer this kind of services (either free or for a fee), but Emoncms is, to our knowledge, the only one which is Open Source and which can be installed on a private server. And this is exactly what we are going to do this week.

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Viewing temperature flows

By mvuilleu, in Reviews and Measures, june 07,2015.

Summer is coming and, with it, heat waves that put a strain on the air conditioning of server rooms. How can we know if an air conditioner is of the right size or if it labors to cool the room and risks to fail at any time? How can we know if fresh air is distributed everywhere, or if the addition of a simple air circulator could save a few KWh?

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