Counting with a Yocto-Bridge

By seb, in Android, july 01,2018.

A few weeks ago, we implemented a hanging scale and, to do so, we wrote a short Android application which displayed the weight. This week, we are improving this application so that it can also automatically count the number of objects on the scale depending on a reference value.

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How to build a precision USB Ohmmeter

By mvuilleu, in Measures, june 22,2018.

Customers sometimes ask us how to measure the electrical resistance of a circuit by USB using a Yoctopuce module, as we didn't implement a Yocto-Ohm module. Therefore, we are going to explain today how to use other existing Yoctopuce modules to easily measure resistors. You'll see that it's not only possible, but also that you can obtain an excellent accuracy.

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How to get started in JavaScript with Yoctopuce modules

By seb, in For the beginners, june 15,2018.

This week, we go on with our post series "for the beginners" and we talk about JavaScript, and more particularly about how to use our JavaScript/EcmaScript 2017 library in a web browser. We are going to see how you can automatically fill an HTML form with data from a Yoctopuce sensor.

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Version 2 for the Yocto-Visualization

By martinm, in New stuff and Measures, june 08,2018.

One year ago, we offered you the Yocto-Visualization application, which enabled you to display in a few clicks the value of Yoctopuce sensors as graphs and gauges. This week, we revise the concept from top to bottom with version 2...

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Load cell temperature drift compensation

By mvuilleu, in Measures, june 04,2018.

A rather unique specificity of the Yocto-Bridge, and of its big brother the Yocto-MaxiBridge, is the possibility to perform a software compensation of the temperature drift of the load cell. But is it truly necessary, and how do we go about it? Those are the questions that we are going to answer here.

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