Using a proximity sensor behind a window

By mvuilleu, in Measures, march 25,2022.

Infrared proximity sensors, such as the Yocto-Proximity, are an effective alternative to pressure switches in order to detect when an object has been placed at a given location. But for reliable and robust use, you must respect a few implementation rules, especially if you put a protective glass in front of the sensor.

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Yoctopuce enclosures and logos

By martinm, in Misc, march 18,2022.

If you have read this post dating from 2012, you know that from 10 items onwards, you can have your own logo engraved on your single width enclosures, and this free of charge. Well, as it happens, Yoctopuce no longer offers this engraving service... instead we offer a printing service...

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Yoctopuce and .Net 6

By seb, in Programming, march 15,2022.

Microsoft recently released version 6 of the .Net framework (formerly known as .Net Core). This version is supposed to be compatible with older versions of the framework, but in reality it isn't. We therefore had to fix some small problems in our library, in particular in the NuGet package.

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The REST interface of the Yoctopuce modules

By mvuilleu, in Misc, march 04,2022.

The most experienced Yoctopuce module users know that they all host a mini web server that enables you to control them. Usually, we use the Yoctopuce library to communicate with the modules, but it is sometimes useful to directly use HTTP requests to drive the Yoctopuce modules. Today, we're sharing some secrets about this feature.

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YoctoHubs and Discovery

By martinm, in Programming, february 25,2022.

You may have guessed it because you have already used Yocto-Discovery, but if your application uses network hubs, it doesn't necessarily need to know their IP address to establish communication with them. It can also try to discover them by itself: the YoctoHub-Ethernet and YoctoHub-Wireless implement the SSDP protocol (Simple Service Discovery Protocol) which makes possible to discover devices present on a local network.

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