Yocto-Visualization, Linux, and memory leaks

By martinm january 01,2021.

A customer recently complained about an massive memory leak in the Linux version of Yocto-Visualization. We were first rather surprised because, at Yoctopuce, we monitor several experiments 24/7 through instances of Yocto-Visualization installed on Raspberry Pi. But we checked and, indeed, there is an severe issue with the current version of Mono 6.

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VirtualHub 2.0 : MQTT and TLS

By seb, in Misc, december 25,2020.

This week, we take a quick look at the latest developments of the VirtualHub 2.0 Beta. We have added support for MQTT callbacks on a TLS connection and binaries for the Raspberry Pi.

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Using six-wire load cells

By mvuilleu, in Measures, december 18,2020.

The documentation of the Yocto-MaxiBridge and of the Yocto-Bridge recommend that you use wires as short as possible to connect the load cells to the interface module. But in some applications, for practical reasons, you simply can't use short wires. You can then use a six-wire cabling to connect the load cells and thus compensate the error introduced by the long wires. Let's see how...

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New! The Yocto-Inclinometer

By martinm, in Measures and New stuff, december 11,2020.

Some time ago, we played with Murata SCL3300 tilt sensor. During these tests, we were impressed enough by its accuracy to think that it was worth it to make it into a dedicated Yoctopuce module. Hence the Yocto-Inclinometer that we present today.

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VirtualHub 2.0 with TLS, beta version

By seb, in New stuff, december 08,2020.

We are constantly improving our products, our programming libraries, as well as our tools. This week, we are writing about a new feature that we just added to the VirtualHub: the HTTPS support. We even offer you to test this new feature by using the beta version of the VirtualHub 2.0.

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