A scale for large packages

By Tiago may 09,2022.

At Yoctopuce, we electronically send the information of all our packages, whether it is the content or the weight. For the later, we use a USB scale which is limited to a weight of 10 Kg. To overcome this limitation, we are going to test several types of scales, with a Yoctopuce sauce of course.

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Detecting modules in "update" mode with the cmdline

By seb april 29,2022.

Our command line library enables you to use almost all of the features of our API directly from a terminal. But some debug features, such as the creation of a dump of the state of the Yoctopuce modules, were not available. This week, we present two new commands which could help you if your modules are not working correctly.

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Catching log messages

By seb, in Programming, april 22,2022.

When you design an automation solution intended to last, you must think about integrating tools which you will need one day to detect failure signs or aging signs. In some cases, this goes through managing error messages or exceptions. But on top of this, there can be diagnostic information transmitted by the modules: log messages. We are going to show you here how to integrate them into your projects.

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Scanning an I2C bus

By martinm, in Programming, april 15,2022.

A customer pointed out to us that the Yoctopuce API doesn't allow for the Yocto-I2C to scan an I2C bus to detect the devices connected to it. It turns out that this is not quite accurate...

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Using Yoctopuce modules on a Mac with an Apple chip

By seb april 09,2022.

We have more and more customers who use our products on Macs equipped with Apple silicon (ARM) processors. This week, we are going to look at the implications that these new systems have on our products.

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