Debugging serial communication scripts

By mvuilleu, in New stuff, january 19,2024.

An important advantage of Yoctopuce serial interfaces, compared with RS-232, RS-485 or TTL serial interfaces found elsewhere, is the ability to define stand-alone jobs in the module, for example to query a sensor. This week, we're releasing new firmware for these modules, which facilitates debugging of these scripts, by enabling their progress to be traced in parallel with message exchanges.

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Interfacing the WaveShare LCD1602-RGB screen

By martinm, in Programming, january 12,2024.

This week, we're testing a small LCD screen manufactured by Waveshare which has the specificity of having an I2C interface. We don't have too many doubts about the possibility of interfacing it with a Yocto-I2C, but we expect that it won't be trivial insofar as display controllers like being difficult, and generally demand a proper initialization before agreeing to operate.

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Roadmap for Yoctopuce libraries

By seb, in Misc, january 05,2024.

Let's start by wishing you a Happy New Year. Yoctopuce has been around for almost 13 years, and things have changed a lot since 2011. More changes are planned and, to kick off the new year, we're going to present our Roadmap for the programming libraries and tools we offer.

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Remote serial communication with VirtualHub for Web

By mvuilleu, in New stuff, december 29,2023.

Most of our examples with Yoctopuce communication modules use their integrated job system, which enables autonomous interrogation of an external sensor and assignment of the values read to the 10 genericSensors available on the module. This makes it particularly easy to upload measurements to a VirtualHub for Web server. Today, we're going to show you how to proceed in a more complex case where it's not possible to use genericSensors, for example because there are more than 10 measures to capture, or because the data is not numerical.

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Testing Sensirion's STC31 CO2 sensor

By martinm, in Reviews, december 22,2023.

Yoctopuce has been offering a CO2 sensor for some time now. The current model, the Yocto-C02-V2, has a measure range of 0-40000ppm, or 0-4%. This is sufficient for most common applications. But what if you need to measure higher concentrations? Sensirion now offers the STC31 sensor with a measure range from 0 to 100%.

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