Web UI improvements

By mvuilleu june 17,2023.

Today we're bringing you an update to the VirtualHub tool and to the firmware of your Yoctopuce hubs, which will notably improve their usability when connected to a cell phone.

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New: The Yocto-LatchingRelay

By martinm, in New stuff, june 09,2023.

This week, we present the Yocto-LatchingRelay. Officially, it's a new product. Unofficially, it replaces the Yocto-LatchedRelay, which we wanted to get rid of for a long time.

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The new YHub class is available everywhere

By seb, in Programming, june 03,2023.

A few weeks ago, we added the YHub class to the Java and TypeScript libraries. This week, we're adding this class to all the other programming libraries. As a reminder, this class is used to obtain the connection status between the programming library and any YoctoHubs or VirtualHubs that have been registered.

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Pool control with Home Assistant

By mvuilleu, in Internet of Things and Measures, may 26,2023.

As Yoctopuce modules can now be controlled by MQTT, we propose this week a concrete example of their use in a system entirely controlled by Home Assistant. The goal of this project is to obtain a control panel gathering all the important parameters to check the state of a private pool, and to implement some simple regulation automations that can then be easily refined to optimize the pool energy consumption.

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The price of double-width enclosures is increasing :-(

By martinm, in Misc, may 19,2023.

If you are using double-width Yoctopuce modules, you are also familiar with the double-width enclosures. At 18 CHF (excl. tax) each, you probably find them overpriced. So do we. But we had to increase their price significantly. And we think the least we can do is to explain why.

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