Yoctopuce, who cares ?

By mvuilleu, in Misc, august 21,2011.

Our products are intended for 3 categories of users: professional developers, hobbyists and the education sector.

To the professional developers, we offer high-quality products that make it simple to interface software with the real world. Our USB sensors, USB inputs, and USB controllers can be integrated into existing projects without hassle: we provide all the source code necessary to drive them, without relying on a third-party library or driver. Our USB products are all driver-free. We hope that such products will contribute to the vsnishing of all these unreliable serial-emulation based USB interfaces that are still so frequently found in professional products.

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Birth of a USB module (part 1)

By mvuilleu, in Electronics, august 20,2011.

If you are interested in discovering how we create new USB modules, here is a peek at our prototyping tools. If you like it, we may go deeper on one topic or another in a future article.

Everything starts with an idea for a new device. You may actually see some day in this blog (or in the "Vaporware" product category) such ideas when we decide to talk about them in advance. By the way, don't be shy, make your requests if there is a specific USB device that you would like us to create. We will add to our shop one new USB device per week if everything goes well...

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Yoctopuce, why ?

By mvuilleu, in Misc, july 27,2011.

We thought we have to tell you about why there is this web site in front of you.

We founded Yoctopuce to build something we could not find anywhere: itsy-bitsy USB devices to fix all problems of the universe when we get an idea about it. "You only need a way to power up a pump, and then when someone is moving past it, it will fire that thingy and then...". And then nothing at all, because once you got the pump and the thingy, both ended up in a cupboard since we never had the time to finish the circuit that drive them. You cannot figure how many thingies we have in our cupboards...

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