Josephine the USB coffee machine

By martinm, in DIY, september 16,2011.

The number one fantasy among DIYers is probably hacking the coffee machine to remote control it. We thought about this for many years. Today we finally decided to do it. Meet Josephine, our coffee machine, an old JURA IMPRESSA F505 model.

The most difficult part was to dismantle it. Obviously, the guys who designed it did not want us to have a look inside. There is almost no screw: all parts are clipped-in.

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What about an RGB led?

By martinm, in New stuff, september 09,2011.

Building a USB device to drive the shy red led everybody knows would probably be a big overkill. At Yoctopuce, we are not really afraid of overkills, but there are some lines we are not willing to cross...

Anyway, driving one of these shiny little color leds might be more interesting: driving directly one of those is not so easy if you want to create the intermediate colors.

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Javascript and USB

By martinm, in Programming, september 02,2011.

Javascript is a very powerful language, it can turn a pathetic static web page into something very similar to a native application. But there is a slight difference between web-based applications and native ones: Javascript is held captive by its own browser. Javascript is well known as unable to interact with the real world.

It turns out that the libraries provided by Yoctopuce will allow you to drive a USB Yoctopuce device using Javascript. A web page, five lines of Javascript, and you can already see your device working. No kidding.. wanna see an example ?

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By martinm, in DIY, august 22,2011.

When it's hot like today, a fan is kinda cool, but a USB fan is so much cooler. So to build a USB fan we need: a basic fan bought from the nearest appliance store, a Yocto-PowerRelay, 15 minutes to properly install the device in the fan, some more time to code a nice web page to control it, et voila! a nice USB fan remotely controlled from your desk. Have a peek below...

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Yoctopuce, who cares ?

By mvuilleu, in Misc, august 21,2011.

Our products are intended for 3 categories of users: professional developers, hobbyists and the education sector.

To the professional developers, we offer high-quality products that make it simple to interface software with the real world. Our USB sensors, USB inputs, and USB controllers can be integrated into existing projects without hassle: we provide all the source code necessary to drive them, without relying on a third-party library or driver. Our USB products are all driver-free. We hope that such products will contribute to the vsnishing of all these unreliable serial-emulation based USB interfaces that are still so frequently found in professional products.

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