An Ethernet-enabled scale

By mvuilleu, in DIY, Measures and Internet of Things, july 18,2014.

An automated measure of weight comes in useful for many automation applications: not only for getting the weight, but also for detecting the presence of an object or animal, or even for counting items. So we wanted to experiment with it for quite some time already. But we were missing a key piece of the puzzle until very recently, that is, until the arrival of the Yocto-milliVolt-Rx.

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Building a RC car with Yoctopuce devices

By martinm, in Reviews, DIY and Internet of Things, july 11,2014.

During the Yocto-Motor-DC test phase we have conducted quite a lot of experiments to make sure the device would be reliable and would not cause a fire on the first occasion. One of these experiments could be of some interest to you. We have been wondering if it was possible to build a radio controlled car using only Yoctopuce devices...

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Transforming the Yocto-milliVolt-Rx into a USB ammeter

By martinm, in Measures and Electronics, july 04,2014.

Last week, we presented our brand new USB voltmeter, the Yocto-milliVolt-Rx enabling you to measure voltages with an accuracy of the order of a ten of µV. Obviously, some of you asked: "Can we have the same thing with an ammeter?". Good news: it's almost trivial to transform the Yocto-milliVolt-Rx into an ammeter.

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Using the new Yocto-milliVolt-Rx for pH measures

By mvuilleu, in Measures and New stuff, june 27,2014.

After the Yocto-Volt and the Yocto-0-10V-Rx, we add today the Yocto-milliVolt-Rx to our family of electrically isolated voltage sensors. This new module is specifically designed for precision measures of low electric signals, from less than a millivolt to a maximum of 2V. Its design enables a direct measure of very fragile voltages, such as in a pH probe for instance.

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A smartphone-controlled pool cover

By Sébastien Rinsoz, in Android, DIY and Internet of Things, june 19,2014.

If you own a swimming pool, you have probably implemented a method to save kids from falling into the pool. One popular method is the use of an automatic pool cover, but often these systems can only be driven using a mechanical switch. This week we will show how to control a system like this using your smartphone.

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