The Yocto-Knob device provides easy reading of 5 input buttons, contacts, switches or potentiometers (knobs) from USB. It is a kind of USB analog-to-digital converter (adc). It can also be used to read any analog resistive sensor, such as photodiodes.

On the device, 5 tiny LEDs constantly show the value of the 5 inputs, and 5 micro-switches connected in parallel to the inputs simplify the testing of your project.

This device can be connected directly to an Ethernet network using a YoctoHub-Ethernet, to a WiFi network using a YoctoHub-Wireless-g, it can even be connected to a GSM network thanks to the YoctoHub-GSM.

Yocto-Knob Yocto-Knob Yocto-Knob

USB cables and enclosure to be ordered separately.

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Part Number:YBUTTON1
Product name:Yocto-Knob
USB connectormicro-B
Refresh rate250Hz
Normal operating temperature5...40°C
Extended operating temperature-30...85°C
Supported Operating SystemsWindows (PC + IoT), Linux (Intel + ARM), macOS, Android
Driversno driver needed
API / SDK / Libraries (USB+TCP)C++, Objective-C, C#, VB.NET, UWP, Delphi, Python, Java, Android
API / SDK / Libraries (TCP only)Javascript, Node.js, PHP
Suggested enclosureYoctoBox-Short-Thick-Black
Made inSwitzerland

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Accessories and related products

YoctoBox-Short-Thick-Black, Enclosure for Yoctopuce device (short, thick, black)Micro-USB-Hub, Micro USB hub with solder pads, for DIY useFix-2.5mm, screws and spacersUSB-A-MicroB-30, A to micro-B USB data cable, 30cm


User manual (HTML)
User manual (PDF)
3D file (STEP)
RoHS Certificate (PDF)
Last Firmware24473 (05/12/2016)
Library for Javascript30760 (05/02/2018)
Library for PHP30760 (05/02/2018)
Library for Objective C30760 (05/02/2018)
Library for C++30760 (05/02/2018)
Library for C#30760 (05/02/2018)
Library for VisualBasic .NET30760 (05/02/2018)
Library for Delphi30760 (05/02/2018)
Library for Python30760 (05/02/2018)
Library for Java30760 (05/02/2018)
Library for Android30760 (05/02/2018)
Library for Command line30781 (05/03/2018)
Virtual Hub for Windows30566 (04/10/2018)
Virtual Hub for Linux, Intel + ARM30566 (04/10/2018)
Virtual Hub for Mac-OS-X30566 (04/10/2018)

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1 - edward_valarm Wednesday,february 20,2013 18H21

Android™ app Valarm Pro v1.1.0 includes support for the incredibly fun and useful Yocto-Knob sensor! You can use these sensors/switches/dials to trigger alerts and/or record the conditions of a variety of cool stuff you might need to monitor. All without any programming: just configure Valarm on the host Android and away you go. Here are some ideas:

- Monitor any equipment with LED status lamps
- Monitor and alert you to the level of fluid (water) in a reservoir or tank (either in fifths, or with e-tape)
- Monitor burglar-alarm switches on doors and windows
- Alert you of flooding/presence of water on the floor or in a tub
- The lights go out unexpectedly in your indoor hydroponic garden
- Measure how far open a door or flap is (this is how the MAF sensor in some cars works)
- How many times your dog goes in and out the pet door every day
- Alert you when your laptop comes and goes from its stand, how much milk is left in the fridge, or anything else that might exert pressure/weight.
- Many, many more possibilities!

See http://valarm.net/yoctopuce for more information.


2 - edward_valarm Thursday,march 07,2013 20H09

Now available: HowTo tutorial for using the Yocto-Knob with Valarm for Flood Alerts and Water Detection! http://www.valarm.net/blog/use-valarm-sensor-for-flood-warning-and-water-detection/

3 - warunasampath Monday,december 29,2014 9H11

When the Yocto-Knob device is connected with the samsung tab two is not implemented. These instructions are for your attend.
Please give your kind attention as soon as possible.

Thank You.

4 - martinm (Yocto-Team)Monday,december 29,2014 9H31

@warunasampath: I don't understand your comment, please contact Yoctopuce support.

5 - nic Friday,december 30,2016 9H57

Can I use the Yocto-Knob device to measure the low voltage e.g. from a Lipo cell that powers a RaspberryPi?
Best regards,

6 - martinm (Yocto-Team)Friday,december 30,2016 10H02

@nic: No, the Yocto-Knob is meant to interact with resistive devices only (switches, potentiometers, photo-transistors etc...). Injecting current in the Yocto-Knob inputs is very likely to fry it.

7 - dudwo5929 Sunday,february 12,2017 13H48

i want to use it with potentiometer. but i don't know how can i connect it with potentiometer. i know that potentiometer have 3 lines(Volt, ground, output). which line is appropriate to each yocto-knob's channel?
Can you tell me by the picture?

8 - martinm (Yocto-Team)Sunday,february 12,2017 15H27

@dudwo5929: use the potentiometer center contact with any of two other ones, as described in the user manual:
Don't worry, even if you do it wrong, you won't break anything.

Yoctopuce, get your stuff connected.