Tips for using the Yocto-3D-V2

By mvuilleu, in Misc, march 03,2017.

We publish today a new firmware for the Yocto-3D-V2 with a few improvements but especially a fix for a bug on magnetic orientation. This is the perfect opportunity to remind you of some essential information to make the most of this module.

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How to copy contacts from one SIM card to another

By martinm, in Misc, february 27,2017.

This is based on a true story. Imagine that you have to move your contacts from one SIM card to another. There is an app for this, isn't it? That is... unless your phone is not a smartphone, but an old mobile phone made by a small Finish company that has been taken over by a software editor a few years ago. Unfortunately the new owner company has decided to support only the very latest models. There isn't any official software available to retrieve your contacts on this phone anymore. So you are getting ready to copy all your contacts by hand, one by one... But wait a minute...

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Tips and tricks for our Android library

By seb, in Android, february 17,2017.

Yoctopuce support often receives questions on how to use our Android library. Indeed, some choices made by Google force developers to pay careful attention to how to perform input/output operations, and more particularly for network access. In this post, we are going to show you our solution to this issue.

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Yocto-RS232, SCPI and lab Instruments

By martinm, in Measures and Programming, february 10,2017.

Skippy the bush kangaroo :-)Nowadays, most laboratory measuring tools have an RS232 port and/or a USB port, enabling you to drive them remotely. Usually, the manufacturers of this kind of instruments offer a proprietary software to drive them from a computer. This piece of software is usually more or less easy to use and not necessarily free. Obviously, it is tempting to get rid of the original software and to drive the devices on one's own. The question that we pondered this week was to know whether there was a universal way to drive this kind of equipment from an arbitrary software.

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New features in the VirtualHub and in the YoctoHubs

By mvuilleu, in New stuff, february 03,2017.

As an answer to recurring requests to Yoctopuce support, we added this week two important improvements to the YoctoHubs and to the VirtualHub to make it easier for you to use Yoctopuce sensors. The first one is the addition of an interface enabling you to configure the data logger and to retrieve recorded data in a CSV format. The second one is a new strategy for planning fixed-time HTTP callbacks.

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