Retrieving recorded measures over the Internet

By seb, in Programming, march 04,2016.

There is a data logger in almost all of our sensors. This data logger can automatically record values measured by the sensor. The advantage is that it continues to record data even network connectivity is lost or when the application stops. When the application takes control again, it is possible to get back the measures performed during the interval. But up till now, it was unfortunately impossible to retrieve data logger measure using the HTTP callback mode. Thanks to the new WebSocket callback mode, you can now use the data logger over an Internet link without limits. This week, we are writing a Java web application which illustrates this feature.

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Grocery list 2.0

By martinm, in DIY and Internet of Things, february 26,2016.

How many times did you just get back from grocery shopping when you noticed that you forgot to buy an essential item, such as coffee or worse... sugar? Obviously, a pencil and a paper should theoretically protect you against this kind of mishap. But you must still not lose or forget the shopping list before you go shopping. This week, we propose a solution based on Yoctopuce modules to solve this annoying issue.

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A Chuck Norris fact dispenser

By martinm, in DIY and Internet of Things, february 19,2016.

This week, we decided to build a small gadget which will undoubtedly change the course of your life. It's a small cube able to print a different "Chuck Norris" fact each time you press a button. You can even take it everywhere with you, it's wireless.

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One tool to rule them all

By seb, in Misc, february 11,2016.

This week, we added a new tool to the command line API. This new tool is called ysh : it's the shell for Yoctopuce modules. It's an interactive tool enabling you to run any command on any module. Let's see what improvements it brings...

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How to track a package with a YoctoHub-GSM

By mvuilleu, in DIY and Internet of Things, february 05,2016.

Courtesy of carpostal.chThe Swiss Post is renowned for its efficiency in handling shipments within the country. Priority packages are delivered in any city, town, or village within Switzerland the day following the day of dispatch, even in remote valleys. This week, we decided to perform a small experiment to see how this service works by following the journey of a package with a YoctoHub-GSM-2G.

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