New! The Yocto-Maxi-IO-V3

By martinm, in New stuff, june 21,2024.

As the same causes tend to have the same effects, following the announcement of the Yocto-IO-V2 a few months ago, this week we present the Yocto-Maxi-IO-V3. Its internal design is a little different from the previous version, but from a functional point of view, it's exactly the same product as the Yocto-Maxi-IO-V2.

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The network watchdog and VirtualHub

By seb june 14,2024.

The VirtualHub application emulates a YoctoHub and offers almost the same features. However, one feature was missing: the network watchdog. This watchdog enables YoctoHubs to be rebooted in the event of prolonged loss of network connectivity. This feature is now available in the VirtualHub application. So it's now possible to reboot your computer remotely using VirtualHub, but rest assured, we've provided safeguards.

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New! The Yocto-SDI12

By Tiago june 07,2024.

The Yocto-SDI12 is finally available! Almost two years after we first tested SDI-12 as part of a post on a controlled watering system, the Yocto-SDI12 is now a reality. This communication module can be used as a data logger with sensors using SDI-12 communication, and it can also interface any SDI-12 sensor as if it were a Yoctopuce sensor.

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Interfacing MLX90393 sensors with a Yocto-I2C

By martinm, in Programming, may 31,2024.

A customer recently asked us for help interfacing a Melexis MLX90393 magnetic field sensor with a Yocto-I2C. We figured that, if we had to do the integration work, we might as well let everyone benefit from it.

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RFID and key management

By martinm, in Programming and DIY, may 23,2024.

In the past, we've been asked several times whether it was possible to build a key management system based on Yoctopuce modules. Of course, we're talking about keys for opening locks, not cryptographic keys. We did propose a modest project a few years ago, but with the arrival of Yocto-RFID-15693, we can think bigger.

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