Yocto-RS232, SCPI and lab Instruments

By martinm, in Measures and Programming, february 10,2017.

Skippy the bush kangaroo :-)Nowadays, most laboratory measuring tools have an RS232 port and/or a USB port, enabling you to drive them remotely. Usually, the manufacturers of this kind of instruments offer a proprietary software to drive them from a computer. This piece of software is usually more or less easy to use and not necessarily free. Obviously, it is tempting to get rid of the original software and to drive the devices on one's own. The question that we pondered this week was to know whether there was a universal way to drive this kind of equipment from an arbitrary software.

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New features in the VirtualHub and in the YoctoHubs

By mvuilleu, in New stuff, february 03,2017.

As an answer to recurring requests to Yoctopuce support, we added this week two important improvements to the YoctoHubs and to the VirtualHub to make it easier for you to use Yoctopuce sensors. The first one is the addition of an interface enabling you to configure the data logger and to retrieve recorded data in a CSV format. The second one is a new strategy for planning fixed-time HTTP callbacks.

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Automating a coffee machine with a Yocto-Proximity

By seb, in DIY and Internet of Things, january 27,2017.

Five years ago, we modified our Jura coffee machine, which we nicknamed Josephine, to control it remotely via a web page. The idea was amusing but in fact this feature wasn't really useful as we still had to get up to place a cup in front of the coffee machine. But today, thanks to the Yocto-Proximity, we can do something more useful: We are going to brew a coffee as soon as a cup in placed on the machine.

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New! The Yocto-Proximity

By martinm, in New stuff, january 20,2017.

This week, we present the latest addition to the Yoctopuce range, the Yocto-Proximity. It's an infrared proximity sensor which allows you to detect the presence of objects without physical contact. Let's see what it's all about...

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Optimizing the reading of Yoctopuce sensors

By mvuilleu, in Programming, january 13,2017.

The Yoctopuce API has several distinct mechanisms to optimize access to the sensors, through USB as well as through the network. In a previous post, we talked about the polling and callback methods and compared their respective advantages. Today, we offer a new intermediary method, enabling you to optimize access to some sensor attributes, when you can't do it with a callback.

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