New products !

By mvuilleu, in New stuff, january 21,2012.

This week, we are happy to announce the availability in our on-line shop of two new USB sensors: the Yocto-Meteo, that superseeds the Yocto-Humidity, and the Yocto-Light, that was used in last week project. Let's take this chance to tell you more about them.

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The laser USB mail box

By martinm, in DIY, january 13,2012.

Do you remember the Yoctopuce mailbox we customized to detect the postman? Well, the system was working reasonably well, but it had some flaws. We had to use insanely long and expensive USB cables, the ball-switch wires were too fragile to be put on an articulated part, and the system could only detect letters, not parcels (our mail box has two sections, one for letters the other for parcels).

So we decided to improve the concept using a Yocto-Light and a laser.

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New Objective-C library for Mac OS X

By Sébastien Rinsoz, in Programming, january 08,2012.

We have pre-announced the Objective-C library a few weeks ago, it is now available on the programming libraries download page. From now on, you can create Mac OS X Cocoa applications that will natively communicate with Yoctopuce modules (directly using USB, or via TCP).

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Looking for light?

By martinm, in New stuff, december 29,2011.

Then we might be able to help you: a new sensor is about to be available on the shop. The Yocto-Light device is an ambient light sensor. With a sensitivity range extending from 3 to 65000 lux, it will let you to make many interesting projects such as light barrier, day/night detection, shadow detection etc...

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A Christmas tree driven by Winamp

By martinm, in Programming, december 22,2011.

Let's be honest, last week post about USB Christmas tree was a bit lame. It was fun to blink all these color leds, but that was a lot of Yocto-Color devices to connect for a result very similar to a $10 ornament you would buy from the nearest hardware store. So we decided to improve the concept.

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