Windows10, drivers, and Yoctopuce

By seb, in Misc, august 07,2015.

Windows 10 is available since a week ago and, if you have a reasonably recent computer, you can upgrade this computer for free. But will the Yoctopuce modules still work after the upgrade? The answer is yes! But the real question is: why?

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RS232, mysterious protocol, and reverse engineering

By martinm, in Misc, may 15,2015.

We recently bought a magnetic hotplate stirrer that you can remotely drive thanks to an RS232 port. Unfortunately, the manufacturer seems to have forgotten to document the communication protocol. It was already too late when we noticed this. Not to worry, it's the ideal opportunity to show you how to work around this issue with a Yocto-RS232 .

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How to calibrate a CO2 sensor?

By mvuilleu, in Measures and Misc, may 01,2015.

CO2 sensors are increasingly popular to monitor air quality at home and in business premises. So much so that we tend to forget that the measures are based on rather advanced technologies, requiring some precautions if we want to make sure that we obtain valid measures. So, do we need to calibrate a CO2 sensor and, if we do, how should we do it?

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What about the enclosure for the LatchedRelay?

By mvuilleu, in Misc, june 07,2013.

You may have noticed that we don't list any enclosure in the related product section of the Yocto-LatchedRelay. The reason is that, because of the power it supports, this relay is a little bit to high to fit as is in one of our standard enclosures. However, if you are ready to do a little work, there is a relatively simple way to make a Yocto-LatchedRelay fit into an enclosure. Here is how...

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Our customers burst with ideas

By Sébastien Rinsoz, in Misc, may 03,2013.

We regularly present you with more or less original ideas on how to use our products. The subject of the posts depends on the inspiration of the week or on issues submitted to us. Usually, our examples are oriented towards home automation or industry applications. For a bit of fresh air, here are a few very different examples, created and made public directly by our customers.

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