The price of double-width enclosures is increasing :-(

By martinm, in Misc, may 19,2023.

If you are using double-width Yoctopuce modules, you are also familiar with the double-width enclosures. At 18 CHF (excl. tax) each, you probably find them overpriced. So do we. But we had to increase their price significantly. And we think the least we can do is to explain why.

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A Yoctopuce plugin for Stream Deck

By martinm, in Misc, march 17,2023.

Have you ever heard of Elgato's Stream Deck, not to be confused with Steam 's Steamdeck? They are boxes covered with transparent buttons behind which there is a color screen. And these buttons are fully customizable. Since Elgato provides an SDK, we thought we'd try to make a little plugin that would allow us to drive Yoctopuce modules.

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Should we raise our prices?

By mvuilleu, in Misc, october 21,2022.

For a little over a year now, it has been fashionable to lament the rising costs of supplies to justify a global increase in prices. When we saw our own suppliers start to raise their prices, we decided to absorb those increases until we could see more clearly. So this week, we took the time to do a bit of scientific analysis to see if a direct spread of increases was necessary and/or warranted.

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Labelling component boxes

By mvuilleu, in Misc, september 09,2022.

With the current supply difficulties, it is crucial to have a rigorous inventory management. We already showed you two tools based on Yoctopuce modules that we implemented, which take advantage of the DataMatrix 2D code labels found on most electronic component reels. Today, we are going to see how to manage items which do not have such a label.

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A debug tool for Modbus

By martinm, in Misc, may 13,2022.

We have to admit that working with Modbus devices is quite tedious: data are often binary encoded, and all the transactions are validated with a checksum, forcing you to write some code before being able to obtain any result. So, this week, we have a small present for customers using Yoctopuce modules to drive Modbus devices.

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