One tool to rule them all

By seb, in Misc, february 11,2016.

This week, we added a new tool to the command line API. This new tool is called ysh : it's the shell for Yoctopuce modules. It's an interactive tool enabling you to run any command on any module. Let's see what improvements it brings...

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Restarting a VPN gateway remotely

By mvuilleu, in Misc, september 04,2015.

Nowadays, people frequently need to connect themselves remotely on a computer network to monitor an installation or perform maintenance tasks. However, because of computer attacks which any machine connected to the Internet faces, we usually lock all possible doors, except one that we consider safe. For example, we only keep one secure VPN gateway. But if the gateway fails, it's a disaster... So, how can you avoid finding yourself without access to your network, but without opening an additional door?

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How to fight humidity in a room

By mvuilleu, in Measures and Misc, august 23,2015.

Humidity issues are frequent in basement rooms. An air that is too humid promotes the growth of mold on the wallsand spreads musty odors. If you are faced with such issues, you could run buy a dehumidifier, but it's not necessarily the best method. Today, we present a solution based on Yoctopuce sensors which allows you to lower the humidity level of a room in a simple and pragmatic way.

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Windows10, drivers, and Yoctopuce

By seb, in Misc, august 07,2015.

Windows 10 is available since a week ago and, if you have a reasonably recent computer, you can upgrade this computer for free. But will the Yoctopuce modules still work after the upgrade? The answer is yes! But the real question is: why?

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RS232, mysterious protocol, and reverse engineering

By martinm, in Misc, may 15,2015.

We recently bought a magnetic hotplate stirrer that you can remotely drive thanks to an RS232 port. Unfortunately, the manufacturer seems to have forgotten to document the communication protocol. It was already too late when we noticed this. Not to worry, it's the ideal opportunity to show you how to work around this issue with a Yocto-RS232 .

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