Are your parcels well treated?

By martinm, in Measures, may 16,2014.

Have you ever asked yourself what happened to parcels sent through the mail? We did! It's not that we have to complain about the Swiss postal services, quite the opposite. But we wondered how they manage to deliver the next morning, anywhere in Switzerland, a parcel mailed at 5 pm.

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New product: the Yocto-Altimeter

By mvuilleu, in New stuff and Android, may 11,2014.

The Yoctopuce module family welcomes a new member: the Yocto-Altimeter. As you'll have guessed, it's a barometric altimeter allowing you to determine the altitude (or the relative height) of its location. Some of you already used the barometer of the Yocto-Meteo as an altimeter, but this new module provides much better measures.

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Using OpenWrt with Yoctopuce USB devices

By mvuilleu, in Tiny PC and Reviews, may 02,2014.

Do you know which is the smallest and cheapest machine, with Ethernet and Wifi network support, and to which we can connect Yoctopuce sensors and actuators? It's neither the Raspberry Pi, nor the BeagleBone. It's an even smaller machine, sold with an enclosure and a power cord, available in chain stores from $35: the TP-Link MR3020. When you take it out of the box, it's only a simple travel Access Point. But with a few clicks, you can install OpenWrt and new opportunities arise...

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Yoctopuce is now available in Maven

By Sébastien Rinsoz, in Programming, april 24,2014.

Maven is the most popular build engine for Java. We have therefore modified our Java library to make it compatible with Maven and it is now also available from the Maven Central Repository. Thanks to this, it's now possible to use the Yoctopuce library in a Maven project by adding only three fields in an xml file :-)

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Automatic Garden Watering using a BeagleBone Black

By mvuilleu, in DIY, Internet of Things and Tiny PC, april 17,2014.

The sun is back. It is time to start thinking about a good automated watering system for the garden if you need to have it up and running when it's going to get real warm. Do you already have a central garden watering system ? Then let's see how you could make it smarter using a BeagleBone Black and a Yoctopuce device.

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