Using our libraries under Linux aarch64 or arm64

By seb, in Programming, december 21,2018.

A few customers have asked us whether we supported Linux aarch64 or arm64, that is a Linux which uses an 64-bit ARM processor. The answer is yes and no. We don't provide pre-compiled binaries for these platforms, so by default our libraries don't work. But you can recompile our libraries to make them work properly. Explanations...

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Adding series to Yocto-Visualization

By martinm, in Programming and Electronics, november 30,2018.

Customers have asked us several times why Yocto-Visualization offers only 4 data series per graph and whether it is possible to have more. The explanation is simple: we had to choose a limit, and a maximum of 4 seemed reasonable. Nevertheless, it's rather easy to modify the application to have more series, and this week we show you how to do so.

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Improvements to our Node-RED package

By seb, in Programming, november 23,2018.

Today, we discuss Node-RED again, as this platform is more and more popular among our customers and we recently implemented some modifications to our node-red-contrib-yoctopuce package. Here are the new features of the package.

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Installing the PHP library with "Composer"

By seb, in Programming, october 26,2018.

A few weeks ago, a customer suggested that we modify our PHP library so that it would be easier to use with the Composer dependency manager. We decided to implement these changes and we published our PHP library on Composer's official repository: packagist. Therefore, we are going to show you how to use our library with Composer.

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Efficient monitoring the localisation beacon

By seb, in Programming, october 05,2018.

While implementing Yocto-Discovery, we noticed that we were missing a feature in our API: a fast and asynchronous way to detect state changes for the localisation beacon. This week, we publish a new version of our programming libraries including this new feature.

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