TLS certificates and the C++ 2.0 library

By seb, in Programming, november 21,2022.

Version 2.0 of the C++ library supports the TLS protocol and allows encrypted communication between the library and the VirtualHub 2.0. This week we have added methods to configure the TLS authentication more precisely, to manage the list of certificates recognized by the library.

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Can you reduce the size of the Yoctopuce library?

By mvuilleu, in Programming, november 11,2022.

Customers sometimes ask us if it is possible to use our modules without integrating our programming library. Indeed, at first sight, the library can seem unnecessarily complex when you only want to switch a relay or read a temperature. So the answer is yes... but no. There are ways to reduce the memory footprint of our library, but not to the point of reducing everything to a few manually forged USB packets. Let's look at it in detail.

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Experimentation with the Quasar framework

By seb, in Programming, october 28,2022.

Quasar is a framework written in JavaScript that promises the holy grail for developers: to make a cross platform application. Quasar is based on other well-known technologies such as npm, Vue.js, Webpack, Electron, Cordova and gathers them in a single framework. As we are curious, we wanted to test this framework with our TypeScript library.

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Using embedded files in an HTTP callback

By seb, in Programming, october 07,2022.

This week, we tell you about a new feature for HTTP callbacks. We have added a new method that enables the use of files located on YoctoHubs in the HTTP callback script.

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Storing real-time measurements in a CSV file

By mvuilleu, in Measures and Programming, september 30,2022.

Although Yoctopuce sensors have a built-in data logger, it is often useful to store the data in a database or CSV file for local processing. Ideally, one would like to fetch the data in real time as much as possible, but reserving the possibility to retrieve the data stored by the module in case of temporary connection loss. And this is not so difficult to do...

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