Using TLS/SSL with our command line 2.0 library

By seb, in Programming, july 30,2023.

We're continuing to add SSL/TLS support to our libraries. This week, it's the turn of the command line library, which is upgraded to v2.0 for the occasion.

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Adding series in Yocto-Visualization (for web)

By martinm, in Programming, june 30,2023.

As with the native version, one of the limitations of Yocto-Visualization (for web) is the maximum number of series that each graph can display, that is four. But, as with the native version, it is possible to increase this limit, at the cost of a small code modification. However, for the web version, the process of obtaining executable code is a little more complicated than pressing F6 in VisualStudio. Hence this week's post.

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Saving module configuration with the command line

By seb, in Programming, june 23,2023.

Once you've had a taste of Yoctopuce modules, it's not uncommon to find systems consisting of a dozen or so modules. When all these modules are installed and configured correctly, it's a good idea to save their configuration, in case you make a mistake. We've just added two commands to our command line library that simplify this operation.

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The new YHub class is available everywhere

By seb, in Programming, june 03,2023.

A few weeks ago, we added the YHub class to the Java and TypeScript libraries. This week, we're adding this class to all the other programming libraries. As a reminder, this class is used to obtain the connection status between the programming library and any YoctoHubs or VirtualHubs that have been registered.

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Writing robust code

By martinm, in For the beginners and Programming, april 28,2023.

source:jarekgrafik@pixabayThis week we'll show you some programming tips and tricks to make an application that uses Yoctopuce modules more robust. This is important if you want to build sytems that need to run 24/7 without failing.

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