Experimenting with EcmaScript 2015

By mvuilleu, in Programming and New stuff, december 18,2015.

JavaScript comes back from far away. Originally, it was only a source of incompatibilities and a nightmare for web designers. Having to code a version for IE and one for Netscape on the same web site was commonplace. Fortunately, the JavaScript language has evolved amazingly to become the ubiquitous companion of HTML5 on almost all internet sites on the planet. With the latest version of the language, adopted as a new standard this past Summer, new possibilities came into being. They deserve to be known and exploited.

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Error message: "Another process is already using yAPI"

By martinm, in Programming, november 13,2015.

Yoctopuce support quite often receives calls for help from customers somewhat lost when they discover this error message: "Another process is already using yAPI". This issue is discussed in the documentation of Yoctopuce products but, this week, we are going to take the time to understand where this error message is coming from and how to avoid it.

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A WordPress plugin for Yoctopuce sensors

By mvuilleu, in Measures, Internet of Things and Programming, november 06,2015.

We designed the Yoctopuce sensors so that you can easily integrate them in all kinds of computer systems: connecting them to a computer, to an Android phone, or even to a web server. On this latter point, we have so far discussed web integration examples destined to seasoned programmers, working directly in PHP or in Java. Today, we discuss a solution which is simpler to implement for web developers using the WordPress platform.

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Java and native access to USB ports

By seb, in Programming, october 09,2015.

This week, we publish a new version of the Java library. This new version comes with a new feature: native USB access. From now on, you can access the USB ports without running the VirtualHub.

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An NMEA server on TCP for Yoctopuce modules

By mvuilleu, in Programming, september 25,2015.

One of our customers wants to integrate our sensors with software designed for standardized NMEA over TCP/IP sensors (NMEA stands for National Marine Electronic Association). Roughly, a NMEA sensor spontaneously sends its measures at a regular interval, in the shape of a line of text with values separated by commas. The simplest solution is thus to create a small TCP gateway reading any of our USB sensors and periodically sending the measures over TCP to each connected client. As this approach can be useful to others, we coded a short example.

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