A USB scale without driver

By martinm, in DIY and Programming, april 17,2015.

The Yoctopuce team recently decided to record the weight of each package to be sent, in order to compare the pre-computed weight to the actual weight. And as we don't really like repetitive tasks, we decided to do it automatically. So we bought a few scales with an RS232 output. And this week we take the opportunity to show you in detail how to transform a Kern scale into a Yocto-Scale in a jiffy.

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Driving a Roomba with a Yoctopuce module

By seb, in Programming and Internet of Things, march 24,2015.

We recently bought a Roomba automatic vacuum cleaner and we started to look at how to hack it as soon as it was out of the box. The Roomba is equipped with a serial port which enables you to control the robot. This serial port uses a Mini-Din socket and works in TTL levels (incompatible with an RS232 port). Luckily, we just announced the Yocto-Serial: a serial interface which can work with TTL levels.

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Using the Yoctopuce library with Swift

By seb, in Programming, march 11,2015.

Apple swift logoLast year, Apple presented its new programming language for iOS and OSX: Swift. This language is easier to use (and to learn) than Objective-C and its syntax is radically different. To ensure a smooth transition to this new language, you can create "hybrid" applications which have a part written in Swift and a part written in Objective-C. Theoretically, our Objective-C library should work as-is in a Swift project. In practice, it's somewhat more complex...

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How to secure the HTTP Callback mode

By seb, in Programming, january 15,2015.

This week, we are going to talk about the HTTP Callback mode. More particularly, how to authenticate a YoctoHub and to make sure that an intruder can't insert invalid data in your system.

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New Excel plug-in

By mvuilleu, in Programming, december 24,2014.

Some time ago we showed you how to efficiently read Yoctopuce sensors from Excel, using an RTD server written in C# .NET. As this solution works quite well, we have been asked whether it was possible to extend our sample code to handle other Yoctopuce devices. It's Christmas time, here you are :-)

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