Building a MIDI automatic organ

By mvuilleu, in Internet of Things, january 24,2014.

Among the precursors of today's automatic systems, we have the magnificient fairground organs used to accompany fairground rides and attractions in the 19th century. Without pretending to go into something as magisterial, we didn't resist the temptation to build an automatic instrument driven by a computer, based on Yoctopuce modules, to see where the difficulties would lay. Result: it's quite easy and it's not even that long to do. Supporting evidence in a video below!

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New features in Yoctopuce API

By mvuilleu, in New stuff, january 20,2014.

After several months of development (much more than what we originally planned...), we are eventually ready to submit a grand new version of the Yoctopuce programming library and new firmwares for the modules. And this time, it is not only fixes, but new features of which you can take advantage after a software update. Here is a summary of what will change and what will stay the same in the new release 1.10…

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Gas sensors

By mvuilleu, in Measures, january 10,2014.

How clean is the air you are breathing? What does it contain, exactly? It's not easy to obtain a full answer with a simple sensor, as one should, in fact, look for all the volatile compounds, one after the other, that could be present. There are however single gas sensors that provide, for specific applications, appropriate answers. Let's see how to use them with the Yoctopuce modules.

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Keyboard and access control

By martinm, in DIY, january 02,2014.

We didn't have the chance to discuss about it until now, but the Yocto-Display and the Yocto-MaxiDisplay both include six analog inputs. Long story short, they feature the equivalent of a Yocto-Knob. This week, we explain how to use these inputs to interface a numeric keypad to build an access control device.

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New YoctoHub-Wireless-SR and radio range testing

By martinm, in New stuff, december 26,2013.

This week we are happy to introduce the YoctoHub-Wireless-SR. This device is almost the same as the YoctoHub-Wireless, except for the antenna: this YoctoHub uses an onboard PCB antenna rather than an external antenna. Of course, this does not provide the same performances. We have therefore decided to run a small Wi-Fi range testing session with various antennas.

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