And here is the Yocto-RS485!

By mvuilleu, in New stuff, march 20,2015.

In an industrial environment, the 4-20mA standard is a practical and robust mean to move a captor several hundreds of meters away. But when you multiply the number of sensors or the physical parameters to be measured, or when the resolution of analog transmissions is not good enough, you must find another transmission system. That's when the RS-485 standard comes in: it is the industrial cousin of the RS-232. And from today, thanks to the Yocto-RS485, you can interface RS-485 devices with the same ease of use an any Yoctopuce module.

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New! The Yocto-MaxiThermistor

By martinm, in Measures and New stuff, march 06,2015.

This week, we present the newest module in the range of Yoctopuce temperature sensors: the Yocto-MaxiThermistor. The ideal product if you need to measure temperature at several locations.

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New! The Yocto-Serial

By martinm, in New stuff, february 20,2015.

The Yocto-Serial is the little brother of the Yocto-RS232. While the Yocto-RS232 follows the RS232 standard, the Yocto-Serial works with TTL logical levels. If you don't know the difference between the two, you'd better pay close attention to what comes next...

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The Yocto-Buzzer

By martinm, in New stuff, february 13,2015.

Since a few days ago, you can order a new product on our online shop: the Yocto-Buzzer. It's mainly a small USB driven buzzer, but it also has some additional features that can be quite useful if you are used to building automatic systems. Let's have a closer look, shall we?

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New ! The Yocto-RS232

By martinm, in New stuff, january 30,2015.

This week, we are presenting the Yocto-RS232. This project was in and about for a while, but because of a recent increase in the demand for this kind of module, we at last decided to complete it. The Yocto-RS232 has a hard duty: to simplify your life to access anything with an RS232 interface. You must be thinking that FTDI has been doing this very well for a long time... Maybe, but the Yocto-RS232 may open up your eyes to new horizons.

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