Using an I2C infrared camera

By mvuilleu, in Electronics, DIY and Programming, february 10,2023.

There are now small infrared cameras in the form of break-out boards that are very affordable and easy to integrate into automation projects. Surprisingly, they often use the I2C protocol to transfer data. Today, we show you how to use a Yocto-I2C to interface this type of camera.

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Driving a DC motor with a RC motor controller

By mvuilleu, in DIY, january 13,2023.

You may have noticed that we have removed the Yocto-Motor-DC from our assortment. Some components were no longer available, and since we sold very few of them, replacing them with an exactly equivalent module was not justified. But as we will show you below, this does not mean that you can no longer drive a DC motor with Yoctopuce modules.

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Assembly: tips and tricks

By martinm, in DIY, november 25,2022.

Yoctopuce sells dedicated enclosures for single and double-width modules. But you don't have to use them. This week, we share with you a few assembly tips that we use internally to quickly build module systems that are easier to handle than a tiny circuit board hanging off the end of a USB cable.

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The watt hunt is on

By martinm, in DIY, november 04,2022.

James Watt, courtesy of The MetWith the energy crisis coming this winter in Europe, the order of the day is "watt hunting". A good opportunity to build a small tool that should allow us to save a few.

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Who did fail to properly close the fridge (again)?

By martinm, in DIY and Programming, september 23,2022.

At Yoctopuce we have a small refrigerator that is used to keep the stock of solder paste, a few bottles of water and occasional picnics cool. We've noticed that the little flick of the wrist we all usually give the door isn't always enough to close it. It then stays open for hours before anyone notices. We suspect this is a result of the heavy water bottles stored in the door. We could probably solve the problem by slightly tilting the fridge with wedges, but a Yoctopuce overkill was much more fun...

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