New! The Yocto-MaxiThermistor

New! The Yocto-MaxiThermistor

This week, we present the newest module in the range of Yoctopuce temperature sensors: the Yocto-MaxiThermistor. The ideal product if you need to measure temperature at several locations.

The Yocto-MaxiThermistor

The Yocto-MaxiThermistor is a double-width module with six inputs to which you can connect the thermistors of your choice.

The Yocto-MaxiThermistor
The Yocto-MaxiThermistor

Thermistors are resistances with a resistivity that changes significantly depending on the temperature. There are two main families of thermistors: NTC and PTC. The Yocto-MaxiThermistor can manage both. Each thermistor model has its own characteristics, usually described in its technical specifications. These characteristics are presented either as a temperature/resistance table, or as a β coefficient and a reference value. The Yocto-MaxiThermistor works with the two models.

The Yocto-MaxiThermistor is an insulated module: the measuring part is electrically insulated from the USB bus. You can thus measure the temperature of objects even if their electric potential is different than that of the controlling computer.

For you to easily test the Yocto-MaxiThermistor, it is delivered with six tiny Murata NTC NXFT15XH103 thermistors. You can find their characteristics in the Yocto-MaxiThermistor documentation. Note that these thermistors are mounted on wires that are 10cm long. You might need to extend them.

The Yocto-MaxiThermistor is sold with 6 NTC thermistors
The Yocto-MaxiThermistor is sold with 6 NTC thermistors

Variant: Yocto-Thermistor-C

The Yocto-Thermistor-C is a variant of the Yocto-MaxiThermistor. Both modules are strictly identical with the exception of the connector. While the Yocto-MaxiThermistor offers six contact pairs to connect the 6 thermistors, the Yocto-Thermistor-C offers six single contacts and a common contact. This enables you to use wires with a larger section.

The Yocto-Thermistor-C, note the different connector
The Yocto-Thermistor-C, note the different connector


Thermistors are far from being a technology as accurate as PT100. In particular, for a same model, each thermistor is slightly different and the length of the connecting wire may have a slight influence. If you use a thermistor without calibrating it first, fully trusting the parameters provided in the specifications, accuracy depends mostly of the thermistor model, but even with a good thermistor, don't expect an absolute accuracy better than 0.5 degree, 1%. However, if you carefully calibrate each input to specifically adapt it to the thermistor connected to it, you can hope for an accuracy of 0.1 degree.


The Yocto-MaxiThermistor allows you to easily measure temperature in six different locations. In terms of cost per measuring point, it's clearly the cheapest of the Yoctopuce range, all of it in a 5 by 6 centimeter module.

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1 - ultrasonix Saturday,march 14,2015 0H37

Any screen shots of the Yocto-App included with this product and what scale of Thermistor can you add 10k4 10k3 50k6 etc. there's lots on the market and there quite cheap so wondering what can be configured


DarC controls

2 - martinm (Yocto-Team)Saturday,march 14,2015 7H32

@ultrasonix : There is no proper apps provided with our products: only programming samples and a few demos. We provide the hardware + the programming API and customers are supposed to write the app fitting their need. That being said we do have partners specialized in writing professional software for our products, contact support for more info.

Regarding the Yocto-Thermistor, you can use any NTC or PTC thermistor from 1kΩ to 500KΩ: it's just a matter of configuring the Yocto-Thermistor properly. Each channel in independent, so you can even use different kind of thermistor on each channel.

Yoctopuce, get your stuff connected.