The Yocto-Thermistor-C is an USB interface for NTC and PTC thermistors. It can measure up to six temperature points. Each of the six channels can be configured independently thanks to tables or reference temperatures and β coefficients. The Yocto-Thermistor-C is an insulated device: there is an electric insulation between the sensor part and the USB part.

The Yocto-Thermistor-C is shipped with six tiny NTC thermistors connected to a 10 centimeter wire. You can extend them with any regular electric wire.

All six channels share one contact allowing the use of a bigger terminal and bigger wire (26-16 AWG). If you wish to connect the thermistors in a independent manner, choose the Yocto-MaxiThermistor.

The Yocto-Thermistor-C can also be used as a multichannel ohm-meter.

This device can be connected directly to an Ethernet network using a YoctoHub-Ethernet, to a WiFi network using a YoctoHub-Wireless-n and to a GSM network using a YoctoHub-GSM.

Yocto-Thermistor-C 6 thermistors are included Enclosure to be ordered separately

USB cables and enclosures to be ordered separately.

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Product name:Yocto-Thermistor-C
USB connector:micro-B
Refresh rate:1Hz
Measuring range:100Ω...500KΩ
Accuracy (Ω) between 1KΩ...10KΩ:~0.1%
Accuracy, typical (Ω):1%
Protection class, according to IEC 61140:class III
USB insulation, dielectric strength (1 min.):31.5
Normal operating temperature:5...40░C
Extended operating temperature1:-30...85░C
Supported Operating Systems:Windows (PC + IoT), Linux (Intel + ARM), macOS, Android
Drivers:Driverless, no driver needed
API / SDK / Libraries:C++ Obj-C C# VB.NET UWP Delphi Python Java Android LabVIEW
API / SDK / Libraries (TCP only):Javascript Node.js PHP
RoHS compliance:RoHS III (2011/65/UE+2015/863)
Suggested enclosure:YoctoBox-MaxiIO-Transp
Harmonized tariff code:8542.3190
Made in:Switzerland

1 The extended temperature range is defined based on components specifications and has been tested during a limited duration (1h). When using the device in harsh environments for a long period of time, we strongly advise to run extensive tests before going to production.

Accessories and related products

YoctoBox-MaxiIO-Transp, Clear plastic enclosure for the Yocto-Maxi-IOUSB-A-MicroB-50, USB 2.0 type A to Micro-B data cable, 50 cm

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User manual (HTML)
User manual (PDF)
Product brief
3D file (STEP)
RoHS certificate
Most recent firmware37128 (09/12/2019)
Library for Javascript41115 (06/30/2020)
Library for PHP41115 (06/30/2020)
Library for Objective C41779 (09/04/2020)
Library for C++41115 (06/30/2020)
Library for C#41536 (08/24/2020)
Library for VisualBasic .NET41115 (06/30/2020)
Library for Delphi41115 (06/30/2020)
Library for Python41115 (06/30/2020)
Library for Java41115 (06/30/2020)
Library for Android41115 (06/30/2020)
Library for LabVIEW40785 (05/29/2020)
Library for Command line35652 (06/05/2019)
Virtual Hub for Windows41853 (09/11/2020)
Virtual Hub for Linux, Intel + ARM41853 (09/11/2020)
Virtual Hub for Mac-OS-X41853 (09/11/2020)

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1 - liz Thursday,march 26,2020 9H23

Is it possible to connect six 2-wire PT100s to the Thermistor-C? And if so, would the accuracy of the temperature measurements be improved compared to the Murata thermistors which come with the device?

2 - mvuilleu (Yocto-Team)Friday,march 27,2020 16H17

@liz: This device is optimized to measure larger resistances, ideally around 10K. At around 100 Ohm, the precision will not be better than ~1%, which will not work well for measuring a Pt100 probe.

For Pt100, I really recommend using the Yocto-PT100, which supports 4-wire configuration and has a much higher precision.

Yoctopuce, get your stuff connected.