Updating the C++, C#, VB and Python libraries

By seb, in Programming, february 17,2024.

At the beginning of the year, we set out our road map for the software and libraries we offer. This week, we published the first batch of libraries officially upgraded to v2.0. These are the C++, C#,, and Python libraries.

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Interfacing the LCD1602-RGB display, bonus

By martinm, in Programming, february 02,2024.

Having successfully operated WaveShare's LCD1602-RGB display with a Yocto-I2C, we wondered if we could use the Yocto-I2C's built-in job system to read values from an I2C sensor and display them directly on the display without the intervention of a USB host. In theory, it's feasible; in practice, it's rather complicated, but interesting.

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Interfacing the WaveShare LCD1602-RGB screen

By martinm, in Programming, january 12,2024.

This week, we're testing a small LCD screen manufactured by Waveshare which has the specificity of having an I2C interface. We don't have too many doubts about the possibility of interfacing it with a Yocto-I2C, but we expect that it won't be trivial insofar as display controllers like being difficult, and generally demand a proper initialization before agreeing to operate.

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Displaying solar production on a YoctoDisplay

By seb, in Programming, december 15,2023.

This week, we created a small program that displays the current production of the building's photovoltaic panels on a Yocto-MaxiDisplay. To do this, we wrote a small Python script that retrieves production information from the building's Envoy S Metered gateway.

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Yoctopuce and IPv6

By seb, in Programming and Misc, november 03,2023.

This week, we explain how to use VirtualHub 2.0 and the 2.0 libraries in a network infrastructure running on IPv6.

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