Measuring high concentrations of CO2

By martinm, in Measures and Programming, march 15,2024.

The Yocto-CO2-V2 can measure concentrations up to 40000ppm or 4%, but we're sometimes asked if there isn't a model capable of measuring higher concentrations. The answer is no, but on the other hand, it's easy enough to use Yoctopuce modules to interface other CO2 sensors, such as the K33 ICB-F from Senseair, which can measure CO2 concentrations of up to 10%.

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pH probe calibration

By mvuilleu, in Measures and New stuff, february 09,2024.

Ten years ago, we published a post showing how to use the Yocto-milliVolt-Rx-BNC with a pH probe to digitally extract measures. Of course, the 2014 module still works today, but in the meantime we've released a few tools which make using it even easier. So here's an update to this post...

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Using Yocto-Visualization (for Web) with a YoctoHub-GSM

By mvuilleu, in Measures and Internet of Things, october 06,2023.

Our free VirtualHub (for Web) tool lets you collect measures taken in the middle of nowhere with a YoctoHub-GSM-4G. By adding Yocto-Visualization (for Web), you can easily obtain a web interface for viewing measure graphs in real time. This week, we'll give you a few tips on how to get great results with this configuration, while minimizing the energy consumed by the YoctoHub-GSM-4G.

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Controlling an IntelliFlo pump from Home Assistant

By mvuilleu, in Measures and Internet of Things, july 07,2023.

A few weeks ago, we shared with you the first steps in integrating an existing pool control system into Home Assistant. This post follows up on that project, with the replacement of the old fixed-speed pump with an IntelliFlo Whisterflo VSF variable-speed pump, which we control using a Yocto-RS485-V2.

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Pool control with Home Assistant

By mvuilleu, in Internet of Things and Measures, may 26,2023.

As Yoctopuce modules can now be controlled by MQTT, we propose this week a concrete example of their use in a system entirely controlled by Home Assistant. The goal of this project is to obtain a control panel gathering all the important parameters to check the state of a private pool, and to implement some simple regulation automations that can then be easily refined to optimize the pool energy consumption.

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