Managing the heating of a chalet with a YoctoHub-GSM-2G

By seb, in Internet of Things and DIY, july 21,2016.

A classic example of home automation is to remotely manage the heating system of a second home. In Switzerland, many chalets are equipped with heating systems which are managed by a device connected directly on the phone line. Most of these devices work only on an analog line. If you suppress the phone line or switch it to IP telephony, you must change the device. This week, we are going to see how to replace one of these devices with Yoctopuce modules.

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DipTrace: Make a custom PCB for Yoctopuce devices

By mvuilleu, in Electronics and DIY, july 11,2016.

It is easy to combine Yoctopuce devices to build a complex system, like Lego bricks. But using micro-USB cables for interconnections is often not adequate to make a robust, compact and professional-grade solution. One possible alternative to USB cables is the use of small wires with 1.27mm connectors, much smaller, which can be soldered on all our devices. Today we are showing a second alternative, which also solves the question of fixing the complete system in a dedicated enclosure.

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New: the Yocto-3D-V2

By mvuilleu, in New stuff and DIY, july 01,2016.

The Yocto-3D is in the top 10 of the products we sell the most. Nevertheless, we have a problem with it: it doesn't allow us to calibrate a compensation for magnetic perturbations, and its firmware is choke-full, which prevents us from improving it. So we attacked the problem from a different angle and, today, we propose a new, similar product, but based on a more efficient sensor including hard iron magnetic compensation. Welcome to the Yocto-3D-V2...

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Building a GPS tracking beacon

By martinm, in DIY and Internet of Things, june 24,2016.

Some time ago, we did an experiment that might interest you. Its goal was to check the behavior of the YoctoHub-GSM-3G-EU when it switches from one provider to another one in roaming. We therefore needed a moving YoctoHub-GSM, so we created an autonomous GPS tracking beacon that communicates by GSM.

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Modifying a barbecue to monitor the cooking of a roast

By seb, in DIY and Internet of Things, march 23,2016.

In the past weeks, we wrote many theoretical posts on serious topics, so this week, we wrote something more entertaining. We modified a barbecue to monitor the cooking of a spit roast. We also took this opportunity to use our new module: the YoctoHub-GSM-2G.

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